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XSearch Is A Classic Intelligent Search Tool in Windows

Windows support users has feature to search plenty to find the files on their computer PC. These operating systems has their own built-in feature or using a third-party application on their device. XSearch is a classic intelligent tool for Windows computers, it can help you to find a perfect file, that you explain inside the application.

In some cases, when you approach built-in tool, it may not produce effectively or faster, but doing with a third-party application has many flavors that can fix those files immediately.

XSearch doesn’t provide Index files. In this application, you can easily run those downloaded files on any location of the Windows background, whether you need to unpack the software to start search easily for too.

The upcoming factors on this XSearch tool, that you can search file name, words, location, size, date and time. It has many features to manage and produce more options.

When you are going to search file with names or words, this tool can support to identify different words, and it can be divided into separate content, and use the one on to XSearch. You can define whether to do or not those sensitive to search the file name or words.

If you see on Windows Search it may support to search files in larger or less amount of identifying those file sizes, but it can’t make continuously searching exact file size. But using XSearch integrated with specified the file size like bytes, Kilobytes, Mega Bytes and Giga Bytes and the rest of them. This application brings HexView editor for read-only option, this one may support to search the opened file, copy all the file or content to the clipboard along with buffering technology to view in per seconds.

It has plenty of options, when you download XSearch on your computer PC, you may find a lot and useful items. It’s a free software program for Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. But Windows 10 may support or not there is not details about it. That’s it.

Source: XSearch for Windows     Via: Ghacks 

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