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How to Install Microsoft Edge Browser Extensions In Windows 10 OS

Microsoft released a new Edge Browser extension in Windows 10, is now a clean outfit for Windows 10 operating system. The Microsoft Edge browser runs faster and simple to access into layout and hits the browser immediately and opens the site.

This new extension will support to the PC users whoever working with Windows 10. There are few numbers of extension was landed from Microsoft, which is able to install manually and Google chrome extension also it comes on board.

If you don’t like any application to install, then you can use extensions, where it can help you to download and install the Edge browser extension in Windows 10.

The Site IntoWindows pointed out, here are the few steps that you can follow on your Windows:

1) Open Edge browser and click More with (three dots or Ellipsis) that available on the top right of the browser window and click Extension.

2) Click Get extensions

3) And Scroll down the page to check the extensions.

4) Click Download button.

5) Once you finish downloaded, after that click the Run.

6) Open Edge, Click on to the More and Extensions.

7) At the moment, Click Load extension button and navigate to the folder.

8 Finally, select the extension folder, and click Select Folder to immediately load the extension. That’s it.

Via: IntoWindows

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