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Take A Screenshots Using Mouse Cursor on Mac OS X

Third party application can be installed on your Mac device to take a screenshot, but you want to skip those installations. The device brings built-in feature to use those features to take screenshots on your Mac. When you are taking screen shot images the cursor will not display anymore. While you are performing such a thing to take screenshots the most of the time cursor not included on to them. But you can use some other place. While using Mac built-in preview and grab function can make possible to take a screenshot using with cursors on Mac.

To take a screenshot the cursor involved and Preview support you.

Preview option help you to view images on a Mac and it will not support to capture the images.

* Click to Launchpad in your Mac dock, and find the Preview.

* Click File menu–>Take a Screenshot ►–>From the Entire Screen.

* To taka a screenshot the Countdown to screenshot has started.

* Once the timer ends, the screenshot will be captured and it’s open on Preview section.

If you have made the mark, then go to File–>Save ⌘ S . That’s it.

There was another option that you can use a cursor to grab the screenshot.

* Start with Launchpad in your Mac dock, enter Grab on the search box and find.

* Grab–> Preferences it will take you to system panel.

* Once you have done the selection panel, you can select the cursor on the Preference–>Pointer Type–>Enable Sound and Exit panel.

* Find the Capture on the menu–>Times Screen and the option will display a dialog box Time Screen Grab –>Cancel or Start Timer inside the box.

* Once the timer start and screenshot capture will finish the performance.

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