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Taskpaper 3 Brings Powerful and Outliner Text Editor for Mac OS X

Hog Bay Software’s Taskpaper is a hide and seek task manager. It can make a great list and get organized. Which is clearly mentioned that can produce a plain text format. The application comes very powerful and straight forward to do anything for to-do list creation on your Mac.

With Taskpaper 3 you can find many ways. The user interface looks like a search engine and also act quickly, and get things this feature using shortcuts the whole task will be ready at the moment. When you create simple task doing typing rather than using keys is the best one. If you want to make subtask, find and press tab key. You no need to start from the beginning of the text to create subtask. To reset those items, dragging on the red dot from the beginning of the item.

The Mac app adding a powerful search filter for your new tasks. If you want to search specific tags, easily click on to the selected tag to make filter or use to search the tag on the toolbar. It is a fully customizable and also you add theme using Less/CSS themes. All you have to do open the File-Open in the menu to open a Finder window, after that theme.less file into the text editor and copy and paste the theme code.

Taskpaper 3.0.1 has fixed some bugs:

Fixed Click on Home in the sidebar will now clear any active searches.

Fixed Delete will now scroll text caret to visible if it’s not already visible.

Fixed Incorrect text caret position when using Option-Return to create a new item.

Fixed Better maintains scroll position when editing the outline.

Fixed Crash when reloading a theme soon after closing a document.

Fixed Crash when loading a theme with syntax errors.

Fixed Single pixel wide sidebar on OS X 10.10.

Source: Taskpaper for Mac    Via: Macstories

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