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An Easy Way You Can Reset Forgotten Apple ID or Password - GotoWebsites

Apple ID uses many ways to access iCloud Storage, iTunes Store, and the App Store, sometimes you forget Apple ID or password, that situation you need to remember or to reset it.

You can’t remember many applications and the web passwords, Whether you are going to log in an iCloud account or downloading some items from iTunes Store or the App Store to get the Apple ID password. For this, you can reset on the web through on your iPhone, Mac OS X.

All you have to do just head over to the Apple Site.

On the screen, the site display Apple ID–> Manage Your Apple Account underneath you can find Apple ID–> Password–> Forgot Apple ID or Password. Click that to change the password.

Next, Reset Password–> Get an email or Answer security questions–>Continue or Cancel. You will be carry forward to quickly access.

Once you Continued, Having trouble signing in?–>Enter your Apple ID to get started–>name@example.com–>continue.

After that, it will ask you Verify your birthday to continue–>birthday–>Continue or Cancel.

Once you receive email, click the ”Reset Now” link through the message. It will take you on new password page where you need to add at least one capital letter, a numeric number or symbol.

After you done the job, within few second you can approach with a new password to get any new arrival app from App Store or log into the iCloud account. That’s it.

Via: iPhonelife

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