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Easy To Allow Users Run Only Specified Programs In Windows

One or multiple user account can access anyone through sharing your computer PC and  you can allow the list of services to run only specified programs within accounts. If you agree, then this guide help to you more. You can approach Local Group Policy that can add and users can run immediately. Without permission if anyone trying to access then they will receive an error message.

Note: Whenever you perform into the windows command you should take system restore or full backup. Otherwise, you might lose your computer data at all. And one more issue with this function that Local Group Policy Editor doesn’t get in touch with Windows 7 Home. Before you going to access this function your Windows OS acceptable or not.

Here you can learn the steps to get inside Windows:

1. Go ahead to Start button.

2. Type gpedit.msc and Enter

3. The Local Group Policy Editor Window

4. User Configuration–>Admistrative Templates–>System.

5. Under System–>Settings–>Run only specified Windows applications and give a double-click.

6. A new window screen page ”Run only specified Windows applications” will open.

7. On the same Windows Enable–>Show to click the button.

8. After that Show Contents dialog will display, from there you can add any app’s name with .exe file that you want to share any users they want to run. Once you have finished with particular list, click Ok button to close the Local Group Policy Editor.

That’s it.

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