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Easy Ways You Can Change MS Word AutoRecover File Into Cloud Storage for Safe In   Windows 10

If your MS Word gets you some unexpected experience your work to save or your system gets badly crashes while you opened an MS Word document you are welcome to recover the most of the items, even your files go to auto-recovery location that the application allows you to save automatically if it’s got an error file. For this serious thing, you need to look some extra layer to safe the documents, you can bring any apps that have a facility to save on different cloud storage. The service has to be desktop support and automatically syncs to any cloud storage once you set the cloud storage. Here you can learn how to bring the replacement on Auto Recovery folder.

* Open the MS Word

* Go ahead File–>Option–>Save–>AutoRecover file location and Click Browse and find the cloud storage whether it is Dropbox, One Drive or Drive folder.

Finally, it brings the MS Word to save from AutoRecover file to cloud storage it cover more than one. Even you lost those files you can recover those files from cloud storage easily on this method. That’s it.

Via: Addictivetips

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