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Google Drive App Let's You Allow to Sync Selective Subfolders in Windows and Mac OS X

When you access Google Drive, it’s start sync your files on your computer PC that uses for all or few locations, In this point of view, and the whole memory will capture in your computer hard drive. And now the Google Drive for Windows and Mac OS X that you don’t see anymore.

Google Drive has different type of storage plan, that can able to hold a lot of memory space same what computer have it on their hard drive. While uploading a lot of files and folder to drive, instead Google Drive can selective files and subfolders that can sync with Windows and Mac compatible system device. You can select and deselect a subfolder, and that one stay on the same Drive platform. At the same time, it will not use the system hard drive anymore. Through on this process, you can able to check the size of a folder and how much amount memory available on your PC hard drive, and the idea comes to make more free space.

To move into the new function:

* Open your Google Drive on the desktop, and move to Menu–>Preference–>Sync Options–>Sync only those folders. And you can make uncheck the subfolder not to make continue a connection with your computer hard drive.

Additionally, Google brings warning message, if you move by mistake any folder to shared with anyone, that makes more difficult to open the file for users. This update feature getting out slowly for Windows and Mac.

That’s it.

Source: Google Drive     Via: Googleblog Drive, Lifehacker

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