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How to Keep Away Microphone Button From Your iPhone Keyboard

Whether you are using iPhone smaller or bigger screen, many feature that you face to handle difficult by mistakenly you have taken action tapping on the microphone icon, whether you want to hit the space bar. How-to Geek site pointed out, how to rid of the microphone when you are chatting with friends or colleagues on social app.

On phone keyboard, the microphone button starts up with dictation, which it comes useful for a few of them, but this function makes unhappy from doing chat interestingly. If you are not satisfied with this button you should get rid of the time.

For this you have brought the adjust settings on the phone.

* Open your iPhone–>Settings–>General–>Keyboard

* At the bottom of keyboard screen, use toggle to switch off the ”Enable

Now, you can check again on the iPhone keyboard. The feature removed from the service. It’s a worth taking feature to update through on the settings.

That’s it.

Via: How-To Geek 

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