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How to Replace Your Notes from Evernote to Apple Notes - GotoWebsites

It’s an important feature that Apple gets a new latest update for OS X, and now it can able to access import Evernote to Apple Notes and password protection for your notes. If you have an idea to jump one app to another from Evernote to Notes, the surprise comes here after from Mac OS X, it comes much easier to help anyone and handle on to them.

To transfer notes from Evernote to Apple Notes, you need to update the latest version of Apple to access on your Mac OS X. For this, you need only Evernote and Apple Notes between transaction no other apps required here.

* Once you download and installed the Evernote app

* Open Launchpad in your dock and search can help you to find Evernote on your Mac device.

* The Evernote Account ask you to make Username and Password to get inside the app.

* To select all notes, Edit–>Select All

* Once you have done the selection File–>Export Notes

* Enter the file name, set the file location, and choose Evernote XML Format–>Save to export on a particular location.

* Finally, Once you Save button, it shows the resulting Export complete and next it display a number of notes and OK.

* Open Apple Notes.

* Click File–>Import Notes.

* Search for the location where the exported Evernote file saved and click Ok to conform on the file.

That’s all about it.

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