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How To Set Save Locations As A Default In Windows 10

Your Windows have a compartment that anyone can easily to store the document, picture and videos are able to keep in a separate folder on your windows computer hard drive.separate you want to save the whole files and folders on your desktop or just you want to add particular items like docs, images, and video files or you want to begin with a new start up with a newly added drive.

If you touch Save As menu to get a new file, Windows set automatically to trigger the folders on your default save locations. which it comes more useful to your hard drive of C drive.

To set the storage in different locations, you have a new external storage, because your computer hard drive is full, or you want to save files and folders to USB once you plugged in – you can fix the save locations in default on Windows 10.

Go ahead from Start Menu–>Settings–>System–>Storage and Scroll down Save Locations. where you have an option to set the default locations for your files, software, Mp3, video and images.

Note: When you apply any changes on settings the currently stored files will never move, the system accepts only new adjustment.

That’s it.

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