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How To Setup Automatic Downloads From Your Mac OS X

To download apps from the App Store, iPhone and iPad get automatic downloads. And now, Mac has an advantage to make automatic downloads, which is celebrates movies, songs, and media files that can possible if you have such a device.

That some users they don’t feel automatic download, because this can occupy a lot of storage, and you can’t stop all the individual devices of storage space to set up in one place.

Here you can learn a few steps for making manual downloads:

Many of them preferred automatic download, but it’s not a best for the all time to set an enabled. When you accept an automatic download, it will start syncing throughout the devices. You can’t specify them for a particular device.

1. First of all, you have launched the iTunes app from your Mac and give permission for your computer and store–>Authorize This Computer in the Menu bar.

2. iTunes–>Preferences

3. Open Store tab and make un-check those items under Automatic Downloads that you want to stop automatically download for your Mac service. when you need automatic download particular files give right mark.

4. Finally, Click the blue color ”OK” button.

Via: iDownloadblog

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