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Inbox by Gmail Help You Track the Events, Related Newsletter, Saved to Inbox and More

Google brings a new experimental feature to his Inbox by Gmail. And now the Inbox select all of your emails which are more related to your Calendar event that comes into a grouped. Your favourite web pages can be saved into the Inbox. Along with this, it comes out in newsletter form on your emails.

On this update, three main features on Inbox make you much effective and valuable to track every event that you feel very much and manageable to do all these things.

When you search events sometimes it makes you very hard to find in your Inbox to view an information and people’s what they are planning that may come to changes. At the moment Inbox shows ultimately all emails comes in one single event and display you what is get changes. You can see extension idea with tapping on the event.

Stay with email newsletter feature that rounds with full of stories from the newsletters that you subscribed before, so you can see the full of articles that you have mostly interested.

Furthermore, Google’s Inbox by Gmail added a new Save to Inbox feature. This one may help you to save a particular link from the site and try for your later view. This feature will support you to organize and get step into that information that comes you, it can save the time and easy to load the email. Take a look installing the extension on chrome and mobile devices.

That’s it.

Via: Google Blog Gmail 

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