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Merge+ Is An App that Can Merge Duplicate Contacts on Android Device

Your Android phone has full of contacts, there are the chances it could come some contacts are duplicate. This duplicate will exist one and more contacts that carry forward on your device, it seem the same name or different details. This is the good move to delete which is follow with the same contact name or merge some information on your device. You can manage those issues manually or choose apps that can easily rectify to become a faster. Here you pick the app to install on your device, you can remove or merge the duplicate contacts easily from your Android device.

There is no shortage of apps to perform this functions, you have a choice many to find duplicate contacts, Merge+ app is the solution that keeps going on to result.

* Once you install the Merge+ app

* Open the Merge+ app on your Android device

* It has two options to select from the app screen. Tap the ”Find duplicates” and find you duplicates more than you expect.

* The app never shows the duplicates on the app screen, instead on your notification bar. After that pull down the notification bar and tap on the notification which generated on the app.

* Finally, you can find the whole duplicate contact from Merge duplicate contacts, and tap on any contacts that you want to merge and tap the Merge button situated at the app bottom.

Now, your job is done.

Source: Merge+ for Android   Via: Maketecteasier

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