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Screen VNC Adds Spotlight Search, Quick Action, Multitasking Support and More

Screens is a VNC client app for iOS and now it gets a fully enhanced with new options that replaces some bugs and modernize into the newer iOS platform.

The update brings both iPhone and iPad support, if you are using the latest iPhone model, then you can use 3D Touch support, Curtain mode, Peek and pop, Quick Actions. Another side, the iPad device gets update multitasking support, and manage remotely multiple devices.

In this app, you can find Curtain mode, this one lock your system so you can remotely can access everything through iOS devices. With this update, you may stay with some more features that has been included well on this screens. This new version has been given to users completely free.

Screens v 4.0.1

• One Tap User Password
Screens lets you tap your user password very quickly by just performing a long press on the Actions button.

• Curtain Mode
Block the display on the remote Mac you’re connected to. Useful if you don’t want the user to see what you’re doing.

• Groups
Screens 4 has been completely rethought. Amongst other things, version 4 now lets you organize your saved screens in groups.

• Peek And Pop
Peek and Pop let you perform special actions on a saved screen — without having to actually open it.

• Quick Actions
Use Quick Actions to launch a recent connection or create a new one.

• Spotlight Search
Perform a search right from Springboard and find a recent connection within Screens.

• Multitasking Support
Screens 4 takes advantage of many iOS 9 features, including full multitasking support on iPad.

• New App Actions Toolbar
The new Actions toolbar makes it easy to perform actions and see which options are enabled.

• New Display Selection
Display selection is even more visual on iPad.

• Better 1Password Integration
Send back to your computer any of your passwords stored in 1Password.

• Improved External Keyboard Support
Screens 4 fully supports iPad Pro’s Smart Keyboard and any external keyboard for that matter.

• Enhanced URL Schemes Support
Version 4 now fully supports the RFC 2396 specification for URL schemes.

Source: Screens for iOS 

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