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An Easy Way You Can Change Mac Address In Windows 10

Every Mac address is uniquely designed and allocated with each Network Interface Card. Where you can find numbers and alphabetic code are coming into mixed use. Anyway, if you want to adjust the Mac address on Network Interface Card in Windows 10 of any solution and it comes much easier to change without installing any developers program.

A simple thing that tech you how to change the Mac address in Windows 10:

1. Open System Windows

2. Control Panel

3. System and Security

4. System or Use shortcut keys (Window key+pause/break)

5. Device Manager

6. Network adapters (list of devices)

7. Select Network adapters and give right click –> Properties.

8. Advanced tab

9. Locally Administered MAC Address or Networ Address

10. Value

11. OK to save the changes on MAC address.

And now you will be connected to Network Interface Card in different computer with a newly changed MAC address in Windows 10.

That’s it.

Via: Ilovefreesoftware 

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