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Enable or Disable Shutdown Button From Windows 10 Login Screen

Shutdown button, this Windows support feature would come normally by default on your Windows 10 login screen. When you open Windows it has a simple login screen which may help you to log on your computer device. On your Windows login screen, you can find many options that helps you to make faster to enter the program like my computer has some option that finds languages, WiFi, Ease of Access, Power button, and Sign-in items, and more. If you use Power button on your login screen it may allow you to quick restart, shut down the system, or set your computer to sleep mode. While removing shutdown as easy as possible from your Windows login screen so you can prevent other not to shut down you computer PC when you system locked with your username and password. Here we tested how to remove the shutdown button from Windows login screen.

To remove shutdown button from Windows login screen, you can use two methods to enter the program Group Policy Editor or Registry Editor.

First, you can check with Group Policy Editor:

It’s the easiest way that using Group Policy Editor to removing shutdown button from Windows login screen.

1. Win + R

2. Enter gpedit.msc

3. Computer Configuration

4. Windows Settings

5. Security Settings

6. Local Group Policy Editor

7. Security Options

8. Select and make double click on ”Shutdown: Allow system to be shut down without having to log on.”

9. Local Security Settings

10. Select Enabled or Disabled button.

Finally, press Ok or Cancel or Apply. That’s it.

Anyway, if you can’t find Group Policy Editor, then try with Windows Registry Editor.

1. Win + R

2. Type regedit and make an Ok button.

3. Navigate to below code.


4. Right click on right-hand side of empty pane and choose ”New” –> DWORD (32-bit) Value.”

5. You can rename on New DWORD value ”shutdownwithoutlogon” and enter button.

6. Once you have set rename and click twice on it and you need to confirm the value data must be in ”0”. If it’s the value data is not a ”0” then make it change according to the function.

And, now you can test once you have logged in your Windows, do prepare to log in again your Windows you can see the power button removed from your Windows login screen. If you are not satisfied with this option and you want to back previous settings just change ”0” to ”1” value data. That’s it.

Note: Before you making any change on Windows Registry Editor, set you a backup to secure the data.

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