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If you choose anyone of iTunes, QuickTime or iCloud to install on your Windows PC that you picking from an Apple product, the name of the software suggest, and it runs routinely to check the Apple product updates like iTunes, QuickTime and iCloud one of them you installed on Windows along with Apple Software Update comes together. Whenever your software gets a new update this Apple Software tool indicates you.

The Apple Software Update tool comes very simple as you can easily handle automatically not a manual update for routine check that the above indicates on Apple products. The main feature of this tool that you can update with few clicks. This program automatically downloads and find updates on the program background screen.

Here are the few steps, how to disable the Apple Software Update tool:

1. Start Menu–>Type Task Scheduler–>Enter

2. Find Task Scheduler Library and make a double click to expand the feature.

3. Click Apple

4. Make right-click on Apple Software Update to Delete or Disable or End.

That’s it.

Via: Into Windows

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