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How To Turn Off Your Mac Display Screen With Keyboard Shortcut

Sometimes you don’t want to be an observer on your Mac computer screen, and also you want to disappear the screen brightness for a limited time only. So your device can save battery power. Your Mac OS X has been concealed a full of keyboard shortcut with built-in OS X features. The site iDownloadblog pointed out.

This feature can turn off from OS X, it makes you much easier providing you keyboard shortcut to make faster to screen off on your Mac display screen without approaching to direct access or third party applications.

While you are using an instant feature on Mac OS X built-in the screen light comes to dime and if you opened page the screen light turns off. While performing this way you can save the battery on your Mac.

Try this keyboard shortcut:

Shift (?)-Ctrl (^) – Eject or Shift (?)-Ctrl (^) – Power

You can use above shortcut on your new Mac model. As a precautionary measures, you can bring the customization on your OS X with username and password after it goes into dark screen. It can secure some other option which is held on your Mac. To know more about this function visit iDownload site with full guide.

Via: iDownloadblog

Image Credit: Tobias Vemmenby / Flickr 

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