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Image Search Keyboard App Find You A Google Images on Your Phone Keyboard

If you stay with messaging app and the situation brings you THE opportunity to make command you use mostly text, emoji, GIFs and symbols, these are the option that mostly not going to support to make communication between each others. Image Search Keyboard app integrated with the iPhone device as a keyboard, it can search images directly from Google Images and choose the best one to paste with your message.

With Image Search Keyboard, you can use on your iOS device that was maintained by Rocketship. It’s a surprise thing that connects Google API and gives you a nice result.

All you have to do download the Image Search Keyboard app;

1. Settings

2. General

3. Keyboard

4. Keyboards

5. Add New Keyboard

After that tapping on Image Search with double, and Allow Full Access to get a search image.

To get in touch with this Image Search Keyboard, tap the globe icon key from your keyboard single or multiple times that pulls out Image Search Keyboard to access a variety of images to paste on your favorite message app. If you want to load more images swipe to left on the keyboard.

When you access Image Search Keyboard, it’s show his performance very slow to apply the images on your social messaging app. The keyboard completely designed with numbers and alphabetic on the top you can find Search bar. The keyboard never tightens from the Apple’s iOS, it gives more option to deliver in different format. That’s it.

Source: Image Search Keyboard 

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