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SaMotion Is A Tool that Make You Simple Task Management In Windows

Image Credit: hendrik-schiffer

SaMotion is a free Windows program make you simple task managing with strong feature. It has a layout that looks pretty good to handle categories, sub folders, and toolbar all comes easy on your hands.

This simple tool works with mouse cursor, you can’t find keyboard shortcuts at all, everything that you look while you on experience with a mouse. The personal subtasks can’t hold up additional subtasks, so if you want to access their details it may restrict you to find out. But at the stage you can compel with the limitation.

While moving your mouse cursor to the left hand side of subtask, the small icon will be displayed. And clicking the color-code subtask, the feature shows some interesting items or bring you all together.

The program docked to the right and left screen or you can manage on the top of other windows and make you fast the data process. And also your data project will be encrypted with high rate of 448-bit rate that keeps saving place from the intruders. After you have done the encryption process, you can share easily into PDF format.

SaMotion brings his life as a lightweight version, such a thing you can handle easily and the software some extra features like Encryption and PDF file format.

That’s it.

Source: SaMation for Windows

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