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SketchParty TV Adds New Look, Modernized Game Play and Drag & Drop Feature

When the whole family members get together, and we start any games. The one game that lives in our mind SketchParty TV.

SketchParty TV is a game app that multiple members can play with Pictionary drawing and it uses on iOS, and Apple TV. The app connects with Airplay Mirror, if your device has 4th generation, then it has been connected with Apple TV or later play.

SketchPlay TV v4.0 has big feature, the app compatible with iOS 9 and completely overhauled and adding the system very faster and connected with Apple pencil on iPad Pro support.

Furthermore, the app gets advanced settings, team setup screen comes much easier and drag & drop to reset the players and connect the player between the teams.

Source: SketchParty TV for iOS 

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