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The Best Windows 10 Tools for Start Menu

Before the release of Windows 10, Microsoft unleashed Windows 8 the Start Menu comes with the new idea of live tiles. This refreshment came from the most valuable Windows 7 platform.

The feedback gets in low rate from around the world, When the Microsoft released Windows 8, it means the most Windows users they are not happy with this operating system. Microsoft brings a built-in feature that any user who want menu and layout the company brings customization for Windows users. But at the same time, if you want to include some major announcement, then you need to turn third-party applications.

There are few tools that can help you to make customization with a big bundle on Windows 10.


The Best Windows 10 Tools for Start Menu

On Windows 10, you can’t bring any changes on Start Menu, it’s not that much of easy on this Windows platform. To make a customization on live tiles. When you go with installation the function quite little bit fastidious that goes with some Windows limitation. Once you have done, you can bring easily tiles for various size, images and the Windows background looks different colors.

Classic Shell:

The Best Windows 10 Tools for Start Menu

Classic Shell is a Windows tool that design from the recent past and want to get back the Windows 7 style format. It has a feature that Windows 7 Start Menu available, but at the same time, the tool can follow a complete guide starting from Windows 95 model with the layout and classic Start Menu with Two columns.

On this Windows tool, you can see a variety of features to modernize Start Menu. The tool once you have installed, you can pick multiple skins (Default, Full Glass, Smoked Glass, Classic, Vista Aero and Windows XP Luna) which are available on the web or you can create own.

It has an option that you can drag and drop your favorite application to set organized. You can’t miss out your default Start Menu anymore, this tools compatible with 32 bit and 64 bit Windows operating system and fully customizable in any format. You can convert ”All Programs” button in cascading style in Windows 7 format. Finally, the Classic Shell is going to free.

Radial Menu:

The Best Windows 10 Tools for Start Menu

In Windows, you just want to access any application scrolling ups and downs are most commonly you doing regularly when you access Windows operating system. While any application program that you are using usually then pin to the taskbar that comes much easier for your whole day work. Here you can install this tool on your Windows you will decide to skip the Start Menu and you will try the launcher. It will take you to finish some easy project. In the mean time, you will become yourself a less time and more productive.

The feature is Radial Menu. It is a program launcher and desktop support Windows, with this applications, you can organize the documents and some of the files that get a clean result on your desktop computer. It has an option, that you can launch your style of documents, site or any other files. You can create unlimited groups, subgroups and more. And also, you don’t have to worry using with drag and drop for your documents and files which are designated by the group. Radial Menu doesn’t have adware and third-party installation and totally it comes you a free launcher for your computer.

StartlsBack++ :

The Best Windows 10 Tools for Start Menu

Now, you can feel more getting to this Start Menu, this tool brings Windows 7 Start Menu in better combination forever. StartlsBack++ indicates with predominance to support a Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. The new release of this Start Menu modernized in Windows 7. And you offering you an advance feature that completely connects with Windows 10 and their user interface.

StartlsBack presenting a new energy for Windows 10, that brings skins for your Windows taskbar, color, blur, live badges, restore icons and cut down the unwanted running application on your operating system.

First of all, using this application it doesn’t offer you a free support only that gives a free trial for one month, if you want to achieve a lifetime then you need to pay $ 2.99.


Start10 is an initial release of Windows 10, the company Stardock popular for skinning software in the 90s. First, they did complete remodeled with Windows 8, Which applies more awkward and long-established option and that feels more unfortunate with Start Menu.

With Start10, you can feel much better that follow from Windows 7 to Windows 10 enhancements, you can Pin the desktop and some famous apps into Start Menu. It has a unified search engine to find your favorite apps and settings and set you color automatically on your taskbar. And one more things you can access skinnable Start button as well.

Find the target feature for desktop, you can manage your local and remote PC with keyboard or shortcuts, and easy transformation for live wallpaper or animation on your desktop.

This tool also brings you 30 days trial version after that you have to pay $5. That’s it.

Start Menu Reviver:

While using Start Menu it looks like an old format, Start Menu Reviver that makes completely redesigned and the whole production comes in a new way.

It is the only Start Menu that clearly amalgamates the well know navigation layout of comparing to previous Start Menus standing with remarkable tiles from Microsoft’s provides a new modern Windows era.

Start Menu Reviver puts you everything you’re personal which you allow creating launch pad. And also it can create applications, Tasks, Websites, documents, music, video and you want any other files. You can bring customization on your default Windows Start Menu with Start Menu Reviver it gives a variety of Start Menu for you selection.

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