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TimeStats Pomodoro Planner Is A Time Tracker, Create A Schedule on Kanban Board

TimeStats Pomodoro Planner is an all in one productive app, the app handle three main important feature Time Tracker, Planner and Calendar. If you are working project or task management you simply know how these app features make you help to bring out every stuff perfectly. While including TimeStats on your mobile or desktop that can manage all kinds of options in one location to establish the experience.

The app has a bounteous amount of feature, which brings some useful items Pomodoro technique, Kanban board uses to make scheduling work. And here is come more to read.

When you use Time Tracker you may face three methods like tasks, projects and contexts. It’s a well know formula that we have used on to-do with simple function. Before you start creating tasks, context and projects.

After that, choose any task to start the timer. Once you have finished the task, tap to ”Save”. In the meantime, you will get a exact time once the task start and ending time. If you do daily for multiple task the app will display the time at what time the app taken to finish the projects and context.

Once you start the task, you can use Pomodoro timer to interest on the work, in the gap. The Calendar mode will schedule projects and tasks. Go ahead for Kaban board to display every project and it makes important the tasks immediately.

The TimeStats start recording the time that you have taken for tasks, projects and contexts that keeps useful result and nice graphs. Through this way, you can identify the whole day what you have done that brings productivity on your own interest.

This is a free version, but the developer puts a limit to use for the task. If you want to try your device must Android, Windows Phone or Windows 10.

Source: TimeStats Pomodoro Planner for Android, Windows Phone, Windows 10

Via: Lifehacker

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