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Enable or Disable Last Seen for WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger for Android

Without others knowledge, you might want to read the message that you are in online. Or you want to hide from friends that you want to read the message on their account. But you don’t find any option from WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger to do that.

It’s a free Android app, Unseen. The app doesn’t integrate deeply his settings on your social app like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger etc..

This Android application offering you to read all messages through incognito mode. It means you don’t want to open social app to read the message, instead you will try with this app to view and read all types of messages.

With this Unseen app, you can return back your privacy from social media and conversation with a nice application. Now, this app made simple that you can read your friends message through invisible mode, and you never leave last seen or blue color double right mark, and this application compatible with Facebook, WhatsApp and Viber.

You can use hider that really useful for you, if you connected with these compatible social apps, the message you can receive on your Unseen app. From there you can read, whenever you want to read, without knowing your friends you can easily read the message.

Unseen app puts to use chat heads that enable you those unread messages available in bubble screen. This feature never breaks your current task to read messages and tap the bubble to read messages on your Unseen app or drag the chat heads to bring down at the bottom of the app to delete.

If you want to hide last seen, read message and blue double right mark, the only solution Unseen app, you can try on your Android phone.

Source: Unseen for Android 

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