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How to Set Shutdown Button Timer on Windows 10 Desktop Computer

Unfortunately, the situation comes that you have to leave the computer for a several hours, and if you leave the computer in running mode, your battery may drain quickly and next time it comes difficult to run the system device. But you feel once your project end up, you want to shut down the computer. For this you don’t have to download and install any software application on your desktop.

Well, you want to postpone the shutdown on your computer, you can create a shortcut with simple structure. Here are the few steps.

If you want to generate shutdown manually, you need to follow the steps.

1. Start Menu–> Command Prompt

2. shutdown -s -t XXXX (The ”XXXX” is the number of seconds that you meet shutdown).

3. You can also use for restart or force to shutdown use -r or -f

4. If you enter by mistake the time or command, you can easily cancel the time by entering shutdown -a through Command Prompt.


Do you want to create a shutdown timer in shortcut. Here are the few steps.

Right-click on the empty space on your desktop, hovering the cursor on New–> Shortcut, the new window will open Create Shortcut –> Type the location of the items in the box “shutdown.exe -s -t XXXX” and Click Next button. After that, create shortcut name and Click Finish.

Once you have done the job, you give the computer refresh, you will find out the shortcut icon on the desktop computer. Now, you can make double-click on shutdown shortcut, the timer will start to shutdown the computer. If you want to cancel the timer, you need to create a shortcut which it comes shutdown.exe -a or use Command Prompt.


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