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Stand-Bye Is An Software Tool that Prevent Against Your PC Standby Mode

Standby mode, it’s nearly referred to Sleep mode, when your windows computer or laptop monitor gets into idle for a long time. This feature helps you to save power once your computer or their device is not used without any time limitation it keep going on to turn off or on your PC against. When your computer standby, that you can see the monitor has covered with black amber and the power button flashing in standby mode.

These issues has been set as a default time limit, even you have been on the web. To sort out this matter the new application almost may go to help you if have windows computer.

Once you download Stand-Bye! Application, it gives a better solution to your windows standby mode issues. Open the Stand Bye application, you can see more option on the settings, along current time holds on standby. During your busy work schedule on your computer the system gets annoying into the standby mode, that’s why the program brings a presentation mode. Once it has been activated, you computer will be secured against switch off or on going to standby.

The thresholds tab brings some interesting feature. In this segment, this app brings you customization for your thoughts. While you can check the current values are highlighted on the right thresholds tab, and you can manage with color, whether you get down into standby with your current values. And also you can improve the standby timer, if you lead with your work project. If you see the Stand-Bye’s advanced settings are much simpler. Your computer playing a sound, the Stand-bye prevent your PC not get into standby.

Source: Stand-Bye!  Via: Maketecheasier

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