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Google Maps Brings More Interest on Street Name, Transit Stations and More

Google Maps is now getting a slower update on satellite visuals to the cleaner look that’s currently landed on mobile and desktop version. This new changes happen on the Map imagery which removes the road outlines.

Google company made his statement on the blog post:

The world is full of information, which means highlighting necessary info on the map without overcrowding it is a balancing act. So as part of this update, we’ve removed elements that aren’t absolutely required (like road outlines). The result is a cleaner look that makes it easier to see helpful and actionable information like traffic and transit.

Now, you can find cleaner look maps along with ”Areas of interest”. This new update bring to display your nearest information totally in new form. And these new map shaded with orange road lines. To find the ”area of interest” open the Google Maps and turn around yourself. You will find a orange area, and make zoom to get more details of each location and tap anyone to know the full details.

If you talk about colors, Google involved that making a chart so you can easily find through color code.

This update finds the feature on Google Maps with a compatible on both mobile and desktop.

Via: Google Lat Long

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