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How to Make Transition Notes From Evernote to OneNote

Microsoft’s OneNote is a popular note-taking apps deliver some quality feedbacks across the apps. A few months back the company released that OneNote app, removing his blocking schedule to enjoy the tool to import the Evernote to OneNote.

OneNote Importer tool is a Windows compatible program that moves all data from Evernote to OneNote, the company Microsoft help you OneNote to switch the service to add all the notes in one place.

Those features you want to access on Evernote has gone up with a price tag, if you want to import all notes from OneNote the app ask you to get inside the plan. But OneNote is not given the opportunity to buy any items it gives all feature free of cost. Microsoft made everything simple and his tool comes all easy and deliver you a perfect way.

The Evernote to OneNote import tool will offer you free-form canvas that brings to mix text, images, documents, signature, audio, video and many. Even you can access free offline service, and unlimited monthly import notes.

If you want to import notes with Evernote to OneNote tool, first you need to install the Evernote on your computer PC. After that download Evernote to OneNote importer tool and give run the application. And the program asks you to accept an End User License Agreement (EULA) is a legal agreement between software and users. The tool required Windows 7 or later version.

Once the Evernote notes are well matched to import, they will automatically sync around the devices. If you want to raise the speed to move the notes, you need to install Evernote on your Windows support, make sign-in the Evernote for Windows from Evernote account and you can identify those notes perfectly synced before you start importing.

Here you can watch the OneNote importer tool:

If you want to know deeply those information, visit Office support page.

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