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NoRoot Data Firewall Controls Your Mobile Data and Wireless Network for Android Apps

We have seen many of the Android devices that many ask you data connection, and you have no idea about the device when they are transferring or collecting data. NoRoot Data Firewall helps you to control the internet access for your Android apps, along with how they will start connecting to access those data.

Once you download NoRoot Data Firewall from Google Play Store on your smartphone, the app will get initialize, and you will be to grant the permission to generate the VPN connection. Once have done the job and you know the list of Android apps which is installed on your phone device that shows mobile data and Wi-Fi icon. If you are making internet connection through the mobile network you just tap the icons and choose Allow Connection or otherwise the app ask you to get confirmation, whenever the app trying to connect the internet.

If you are player of Android games nowadays these are connected with the server and all it goes to real-time, for that reason, that you need to link to the internet at all the time. If the device connected with wireless then you don’t worry about that, and if the game re-routed into mobile data which comes to a limited data package, and everything that comes different when the usage of internet. While you playing the games they totally consume your data and later using durable that cost more money.

Now, you can restrict any applications once you find the app on the list you can tap on the mobile data icon next to the app name.

That’s it. From now the apps are configured in the firewall settings that block the app mobile data and it works only on your wireless network. Even you can make minimize the application on the phone background, if you restart your Android device you may loose VPN connection.

NoRoot Data Firewall is not simple to you, it has some more additional feature that you can access on your device.

You can block the background data for each app when the app connected to Wireless or mobile data and thus keep minimize the data usage on your device. If you are not setup as a default to access the internet from the app, you will get each time notification to propose the app to get the internet connection. It can display your app history data with month, day and hour on chart bar. You can set the particular app to connect the internet on both mobile data and wireless network. The app can modify you with a night mode to restrict on night data which can help you to secure the phone battery.

That’s all it.

Source: NoRoot Data Firewall for Android    Via: Guiding Tech 

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