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Snipaste Is a Free Powerful Screenshot Tool, Auto Detect User Interface Elements Stands on Windows 10

Image Credit: Snipaste

Much needed screenshot on your Windows operating system, a minimum level of features as a default proposal. If you want to do more function with your screenshot tool, Snipaste is a free powerful Windows tool that gears up you to get capacity from this tool mechanism. Many screenshot tool once windows opened the tool auto detect the present active window, the same thing this tool will detect and power up the whole user interface elements.

Once you download Snipaste, the tool stands on windows system tray. You can find many useful options that you can get inside to capture windows screen, it brings hotkeys support to access the preferences before you open the app.

With Snip tab, you can bring the customization on the app settings once the tool enters to start to capture the windows screen. You have the option to set the colors for the app settings that keeps out from the screenshots and auto mask the color to windows and their user interface elements.

If you click Paste tab, the tool presenting you windows shadow color, zoom, and smooth scaling to be enabled. And the Snipaste has picture recovery option that you have done in the last action on your windows. You can able to edit every image that will be available on the tool history.

What gives Hotkey tab, when you click on, you can reset the hotkeys. Snipaste will set shortcuts and turns into user interface elements using keyboard shortcuts.

However, you can run the Snipaste much simple, when you open the app, start using snip’s shortcut to active Snipaste. So you can move the mouse cursor into any UI elements, so the tool highlights the elements on your windows screen. Snipaste will do to capture the whole windows screen or a particular portion of your windows screen. And one more thing that the Snipaste doesn’t capture HTML elements their buttons and form on the web. The tool only auto detect individual tabs and other few buttons on your browser, but the tool doesn’t keep comparison between the UI elements. That’s it.

Source: Snipaste for Windows    Via: Addictivetips

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