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Recently, you have noticed that some top social apps like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and more. They have integrated a new feature that brings auto play every video whenever you browse any video this feature available on your timeline. From there you wanted to watch those video that you have picked which is not good related and it contains some awkward things, you might go with filter out those videos and the maximum amount of video post that play automatically in this segment.

In this tutorial, I have listed three top social app Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram here you can get the tips how to stop the auto play videos from the social media. To put end, you no need to install any third-party tool so far, all you have to just use manually to edit the default settings from the social apps for iPhone, Android and Computer PC.

Stop Twitter Auto-Play Videos:

A List of Social Apps that Allow to Stop Auto Play Video

* Open Twitter account on your browser with login attempt

* ”Profile Photo” icon available on the top right corner

* ‘‘Settings” option

* Under ‘‘Account” tab

* Scroll down ”Contact” section

* Find ”Video Tweets” and make uncheck to stop ”Video autoplay

Stop Video Auto Play from iPhone:

* Open Twitter on your iPhone

* ”Profile” icon

* ”Settings” icon

* After that scroll down and find ”General”–> Data.

* As soon as you will see option name, which shows Video autoplay and tap and select ”Never Videos Automatically”’and this one immediately stop your video tweets from auto play on your Twitter app.

Stop Twitter Auto-Play Video from Android:

* To prevent Twitter videos from auto-play from your Android, it’s a simple task. Load the Twitter app and tap on ‘‘Profile’‘ icon available on the top left the corner. After that ”Settings”.

* Simply scroll down the feature available at the bottom of the app ‘‘Data’‘ option.

* Hit ”Videó Autoplay” –> ”Do Not Play Videos in Timelines Automatically” to stop the auto-play video from the Twitter timelines.

Stop Facebook Auto-Play Video from iPhone:

A List of Social Apps that Allow to Stop Auto Play Video

* Open Facebook app from your iPhone

* Login to Facebook account.

* Click ”Hamburger” icon available at the bottom of the screen.

* Account Settings

* Simply scroll down with mouse, tap on ‘‘Videos and Photos

* Hit Auto-Play –> Never Auto-Play Videos

* Now, Facebook stops auto-play video.

Stop Facebook Videos from Auto-Play Mode from Android:

* Open Facebook app

* Login to Facebook account

* Hamburger icon

* App Settings

* Auto-Play

* Never Auto-Play Video

And now you are done.

Stop Facebook Video from Auto-Play from Computer PC:

* Open Facebook from your browser

* Login to Facebook account

* Down arrow icon

* Settings

* ”Videos’‘ settings

* ”Auto-Play Videos”

* Drop-down menu and Turn it Off.

A Simple Way You Can Stop Auto-Play Video from Instagram with Android:

A List of Social Apps that Allow to Stop Auto Play Video

* Open Instagram app

* Tap on to the ”Profile” icon

* Three Dots icon ( Vertical dots) available at the top of profile and tap it on.

* ”Cellular Data Use

* ”Use Less Data” that stop Instagram auto-play video through on your mobile data

Stop Instagram Video from Auto-Play from iPhone:

* Open Instagram app

* Go to ”Profile” tab

* Settings icon located at the top of right corner on the app screen.

* these Settings will be displayed with a variety of option.

* Tap on ”Mobile Data Use” and ”Use Less Data” this one make you stop Instagram to auto-play the video from your mobile device.

That’s it.

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