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An Easy Way You Can Install Extension in Edge Browser

Microsoft replaces IE (Internet Explorer) added Microsoft Edge browser in Windows 10. If you are looking to enhance your system battery life, then go ahead with the installation.

After Microsoft Anniversary update for Windows 10, those who use Edge browser now able to install extensions. In preview edition, Microsoft handles different way that Edge browser install from Windows store. And now the extension plays a little bit differently. The Edge browser follows Google Chrome footsteps and now easy installation.

Let you can see how it take is roll to install the extension in Edge browser:

While you have done the installation, extension of Windows store. All you have to do start with Edge browser.

* Edge browser–> Menu icon (three dots) available at the top right corner.

*Extensions” if you don’t find the list, then your Windows don’t get into Anniversary Update.

* Once you clicked Extension panel, the whole installed extension list will be out. All you have to click or simple tap ”Get Extension from the Store” and redirect into Windows Store from there the available all extensions which get support to Edge browser.

* From the Windows store the update presenting a few extension acceptable to install directly. For example: OneNote, Evernote Web Clipper, Adblock Plus etc.

* To make a download an extension, choose from the list. Click the available ”Free” button on the extension page.

* And the Windows Store will support to download the extension on your desktop or laptop computer automatically to install in Edge browser. The extension is capable to update to download and install the extension through Windows Store. To access the extension the Edge browser displays the prompt. Click ”Turn it on or off” to install and run the extension of Edge browser.

* Your installed extension are hidden way, if you want to display in the address bar, make right-click on the extension and select ”Show next to address bar” or ”Manage” now you are able to access easily.

That’s it.

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