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Apple's iOS 4 Beta Introduce Hundreds of New Emojis

A newly released iOS 4 beta from Apple for developers and it gets a huge update, the company added some changes and modifications for iOS devices aims to release to get their iPhone and iPad users on full version.

Those who have installed three beta or configured their settings, this new feature will be followed with emojis, keyboard sounds, and more.

A list of changes from Apple for iOS 4 beta:

* The feature gets a new emoji with genders. And also it has a new surface with small tweaks.

* Apple’s iOS beta 3 included sense of touch feedback, when you press the power button on your iPhone after that the device locked. But the iOS beta 4 removed this feature and no more.

* Swipe with finger to get inside the Notification Center, there you can’t find the date, but this new beta 4 for iOS will be appear.

* Keyboard sounds have been improved and added more with the space, shift, etc.

To know more about this iOS beta 4, please watch the video above we have uploaded.

That’s it.

Via: Apple, Macrumors

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