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Artisto App Changes Completely Your Video Into Nice Art Filters

It’s a possible future, but the app still suffered by a plenty of topics. You definitely know about Prisma, but the feature is not having a video only has a photo-editing that brings to apply filters. Many of them likes Prisma for photo and now the same users they want video platform.

Artisto is a new video application, that let you allow to capture a clean video or choose from your video gallery, and wait for the transformation into the application that bring you a new style from the popular artist Pablo and Vincent.

The Russian company behind the Mail.ru created Artisto for Android and iOS. After that, the company published My.com is a U.S based product, which bring games and many other apps in the US over the years.

When you approach Artisto app both on Android or iOS, you can’t find any errors to give a big shot that looks very well.

The site Engadget finds out some of issues, once you run Artisto app both on Android and iOS devices, that need to be rectified immediately. For the basic level users allotted a very few number of filters to select and apply on to them, event the application doesn’t give a full subjects. While the video filters taking too many hours and some of them little bit high. When the app tested it meet the crashes more than once at the time these all happen middle of the action. The developer took his creation of Artisto only 8 days it gets conformation to run on mobile apps.

Before arriving of Prisma video, the Artisto app taking a some advantage, so the function works very smooth to run on particular mobile apps.

Source: Artisto for iOS, Android   Via: Engadget 

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