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Easy Way Hide Your Contact Photos in Message on Your iPhone

If you use an iPhone, the message which it comes default and allocated contact photos along with feedback, but the thing is you don’t want to display those features on iMessage, simply find the toggle and do thumbnail off on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch devices. Doing this way you can see your phone screen looks very clean, deleting those contact images from your iMessage list, and you can add more privacy setting on your iMessage account and their cards.

The feature it works all Apple devices, but this useful to iPhone. To be hide or show the contact photos through the iMessages it required iOS 9 and later version to apply on their particular devices.

1) Open iMessage inside the iOS

2) Settings–>Messages

3) Find “Show Contact Photos” (Show photos of your contacts in the Messages list) and turn them into Off mode.

4) Return Message app, and the app make empty of your contact photos.

Once you have made the process, now you are not able to see those contact photos. If you want to bring back this option, you have to follow the same way to get it.

If the function is turned off, your contact photos, you are not able to see those pictures when you make calls or browsing any application you can’t see those images or content any more.

Via: OS X Daily 

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