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Email Notifier Program for Windows 10

You have seen many system tray utilities on your Windows, but checking those email from POP (Post Office Protocol)/IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) is an email client for any supporting app. Many of them they use multiple email accounts, and also third-level of emails shows different accounts from the URL site. While using those email in your account not everyone important for you to setup in your smartphone’s email app. But at the same time when you are using the desktop as an email client, your small email notifier will be accounted in your Windows system tray as an icon.

Here you have a few items that we have listed below:


This important email act like a smart algorithm and finds email sort out. EmailTray, let you allow to work with webmail and email notifier to support POP3 and IMAP adds into email accounts. This simple procedure email not only works for tracking those incoming emails and you will be counted how many emails arriving particular email client.

EmailTray is a fastidious, when it goes to sorting out and their email notification. With this software, you can receive very important not a regular email message. This email stands against any other email notifier, and mostly you will concentrate on the favorite emails at this only. Every single email on the system tray will notify the receiving emails which you know window and sound. The app popup window will present a multiple email alert gives more important details about the sender, name, social profile and many security levels and meaning of the message.

The app has a default position to detail you about the message that you have received on the top or set low priority files and folder. And also you reset the notification alert sounds or custom sound. No need to worry about missing email notification, this EmailTray will remind at any condition.

EmailTray is one of the best email notifiers that going to support Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 10.

Magic Mail Monitor:

Magic Mail Monitor comes to a small tiny version for email notifier for Windows 10. This program integrated on your system tray as an icon and used to track any incoming messages with multiple email accounts at the same time. It’s a free POP3 mail provider adding multiple accounts enabled. The feature works quite welcome on your system tray and notifies every new arrival messages through your in an email inbox. You can view those received messages and if it’s used then you may go with deletion to escape from the critical issues.

Magic Mail Monitor will support SSL for Gmail, Yahoo and more. You can’t delete secured messages, and also the program introduces a new filter functionality to secure friends likes and custom protection of every message from friends account.

Multi Email Notifier:

Multi Email Notifier is a software tool to test every email accounts for incoming emails. And you know very well, Emails are one of the fastest growing community and also it gets an important thing to know at the time that will be notified. This application will be connected all favorite email accounts like AOL, Gmail, Yahoo and POP3 accounts as well.

With this tool, you can straightaway access your email account with one click. If you allow messengers, the function will allow you to get notified from one email account at the time of period, and more messengers will occupy your desktop and sources.

Image Credit: miniyo73 / Flickr

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