Facebook's Lifestage Is a Fun Sharing Video Profile for iPhone and iPad

A few months back Facebook and Instagram gets a latest attempts for Instagram articles, video filters and Live photo performance for his mobile support apps. After that, the company introduces a fun style video profile social application for students the name was called Lifestage. To make fulfill of your personal profile, you must take videos or capture selfies to get those likes, dislikes or facial features. Which the app can able to connect and share around the school students who may know the better person to share a very common interest to achieve the target. The newly arrived Lifestage app makes it everyone simply especially those who connected with Facebook and they merely  have to cover the younger people with kids and also they will get the ultimate experience while they are presenting.

This app asks you to sign in process on Lifestage account, and the feature attempt before filling out from Lifestage, adding a new post from selfie or the camera app along with text content, planned to deliver every school student likes, dislikes, and at the moment friends connected circles. If you want to bring school activation, you at least add a minimum 20 users have to be registered to open the academy.

Lifestage can load straight away from your phone camera connects shortly and compare with Snapchats. Students can be sign-up on Lifestage to invite for personal creation and it’s made upload that really comes to publicity. Any people who have connected with Lifestage they can change the videos and uploading process their interest, if the school unlocked, once you sign-up with twenty users, and the users are able to find their profile creator with following school network to know more of them, along with this you may go with contacts and sharing ability with the same network.

At the moment Lifestage available on your iOS app, and free to download from the App Store.

Source: Lifestage   Via: Redmondpie

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