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The Olympic game 2016 will start on Friday, the event which is surrounded by spectators, hundreds and thousands of athletic players where all comes together in one place to celebrate the events, and these you can’t keep tracking of every individual thing. We would all have to thank you, the two search engine giants Google and Bing will roll out those fast results that comes much easier to everyone to find those events.

Whether you wish to search event, medal counts, an athletic profile is easily possible to get those things. With Google and Bing, these search engine giants will keep some tricks everything up-t-date to search on them. Here are the list from Google and Bing some idea came from them.

Google Search Engine:

Google and Bing Search Engine Participate Your Guide to Rio de Janeiro Olympic Game 2016

Image Credit: Google

* Search Event Schedule, medal counts, and athletic info.

* The result could give on 30 plus countries through TV schedule.

* Watch their highlight on YouTube more than 60 plus countries.

* Search Rio Olympic game 2016 venues in Google Maps.

* Find and View on mobile apps for Android and iOS, you will get auto update the top event and medal winners.

Bing Search Engine:

Google and Bing Search Engine Participate Your Guide to Rio de Janeiro Olympic Game 2016

* The search engine provide Bing Predicts Technology to present unique view schedule and Events to Watch.

* Events to Watch gets updated daily and puts forward to exciting the events of Olympic 2016 games the whole day takes into the account.

* Check the event schedule on Bing search engine every day of the Rio Olympic game.

* Events to Watch and Daily Predictions available on Bing Search Engine.

These two search engine will make a new experiment on Google and Bing, through this you will find out the events of Rio 2016. Get the performance in a variety of way to search those things.

Via: Google, Bing 

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