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Google Released Duo App for Video Caller on Your Android and iOS

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The Voice calling doesn’t impress so many of them, the best choice Video calling to make a connection with someone, It’s time to skip Facetime, the new Google Duo which released on Android and iOS devices.

A new Google Duo was named one-to-one video calling app available both on Google Play Store and App Store. This app makes your simple which it comes very complex to handle video calling, so you can merge both other side and bring the moment wherever you stay on it.

From start to end the Duo app makes you very simple, to activate, the app required your phone number so you can easily connect the people with your phone contacts. The app doesn’t ask you different account, just you can use sign up with few amends. Through from the app you can start to make video call with one tap.

Google says,

”We’ve built Duo to be fast and reliable, so that video calls connect quickly and work well even on slower networks”.

If feel the call quality and changing the network provider between video calling the app never goes into shut down mode it stay on connected. If you are using mobile data and these come limited to your device the Duo app will implement the calling features and make you very smooth. You can stay on with video call whether you are changing Wireless or mobile data the app never drop your call it can connect automatically.

It feels more happy someone like you to invite without interruption, the Duo app puts another feature Knock Knock the app allow you to see live video from the caller ID before you pick the video call. The most important thing when you make a video call it’s all secret you and friends between, so the app makes importance to the privacy and security, with this all video calling drops into encryption.

Source: Google Duo  for Android, Duo  Via: Google Blog

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