Microsoft's Windows 10 Set File Name a Maximum of 260 Characters With Registry   Editor

In previous days, Windows 95 has abandoned, because the operating system limits his file name with eight digit characters. In a recent update, Microsoft brings the file name upto 260 characters. It has been tweak with the registry editor, through this you can make sure a maximum length of characters in Windows 10.

This feature was pointed out the site How-To Geek, to unlimited the maximum amount of characters, that you need to bring edit. Once you start the following steps will be useful.

* Start menu and enter ”regedit” and load the application.

* Navigate below code;


* Make right-click value enters ”LongPathsEnabled” and set modify.

* After the change ”Value data” –> ”0” to ”1”.

* Click ”Ok” to confirm.

Once you get tweak into the registry, now you are able to achieve much length of file names. If you have 32 bits old versions you may go with some error, because the apps get the little experience problem. Whether you are looking some strong file holder, then this tweak much useful for you. That’s it.

Via: How-To Geek

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