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SavePicturesAs Help You Save Webpage Using With User Defined Keys

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Many easy and critical applications available on the internet, Save any web page for your Windows you will see a much third-party application. Apart from this, you may go with some easy way.

This app comes with open-source SavePictureAs supporting your Windows that making you quick process to save any kind of web page, this application doesn’t put hold with a minimum action you can use almost popular browsers which is compatible.

Any web page you have opened that you want to save the picture, just simply take action move the mouse cursor over on it, and use CTRL+Spacebar after that it save automatically on your schedule folder.

SavePictureAs control every single browser where you are using, and keeping the current mouse cursor with active keyboard buttons that you normally would do; make right-click, send a particular letter that you choose the browser, after that Save picture, or Save As to open the window and sends folder, Click to Save.

The app has some interesting features, which is almost works anything. The tool was tested almost the list below, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, Firefox and more. But the new arrival from Microsoft Edge browser still waiting.

Once the app passes the test on the browser, this can be configurable on your Windows system tray icon. The program doesn’t restrict you anymore. SavePictureAs has some interesting and cool option, which the program gets the recent update, and if you looking to save your web page it gives you a simple process. That’s it.

Source: SavePictureAs    Via: Beta News

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