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The Easy Way You Can Save A Webpage In PDF Format from Microsoft Edge Browser

The popular PDF file does support to save the file from Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Firefox, but if your Windows system has been operated with Windows 10 it made everything easy with Microsoft Edge browser which made the PDF file out to print. You don’t want to find the third-party application, In Windows 8 and the previous operating system has a built-in third-party application which didn’t bring the PDF file out to print.

When you are using Microsoft Edge browser, it brings default PDF reader and also the browser bring his support to any PDF application into the matter. If your computer using Windows 10, your operating system has dedicated PDF driver to save documents and their web pages in PDF format that never approach any third-party application or extensions.

How to save web pages As PDF file in Windows 10:

The steps you are going to follow to save a web page as a PDF in Windows 10. For this preparation you can use Microsoft Edge browser to save the web page process in PDF file format, these steps may apply to all browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Opera.

1) Open your Microsoft Edge browser and navigate to the web page that you want to save in PDF file format.

2) Once you have loaded your web page, start using Ctrl+P keys to open the Print dialog box. If you have opened your browser type Microsoft Edge then the Print dialog box looks a modern version instead of the classic view. This Print view brings his support to all browsers including it covered Internet Explorer.

3) Under Printer, Select Microsoft Print to PDF–> Click Print button.

4) After that you can arrange few setting for your convenience Orientation (Portrait, Landscape), Pages (All, Current page, Page range), Scale (Shrink to fit, 25% to 200%), Margins (Normal, Narrow, Moderate, Wide), Headers and footers ( Off or On) and more settings. These are the settings that may help you to save a webpage in PDF file.

You can find that all web pages are saved perfectly into PDF file for print. Even you can set the pages with numbers.

5) Click the Print button–> Save As, and choose the exact location to save the PDF, enter the file name and Save button. That’s it.

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