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Transfer Your Old Computer Files to New Windows PC

Your new computer has a lot of missing personal files and their settings. If your system compatible with Windows 10, there is one compound to sort out the design for Windows 10, Microsoft introducing Laplink PC Mover Express.

This application tool was a partner with Microsoft, Laplink PC Mover Express presenting a minimum level of transferring tool able to give every feature is a free approachment for Windows users through migrating any personal files you have on your old computer to set the option into new computer Windows 10.

With Laplink PCMover Express, easy to transfer files and the settings which come from the old Windows XP computers to new Windows 8, 8.1 and Windows 10. In previous work, Windows users they did with built-in feature like Windows Easy Transfer wizard, at the moment this program doesn’t give connection to your new Windows version. So let move with PCMover Express.

Once you have done with the connection, start with PCMover Express on the Web page, Click Download button link. And load the tool file which comes PCmoverExpressPersonalUse_EN file, and installs the tool both on old and new version PCs. This tool will collects some information that time your PC must be connected to the internet.

Once you launch PCMover application, Welcome to PCmover –> PC to PC Transfer. After that clicking the ”Next” button. You have to wait for the PCmover preparing Computers for Transfer. once you have done the setup into old PC, and the next process you need to take the initiative the PCmover into new PC. Repeat again, what you have done in the past on your old PC the same procedure you have to bring into the new PC to configured. For this, your Windows operating must be Windows 8, 8.1 and Windows 10. To know how these old and new PC going to work for you transfer application. Just visit the below link it tells you a thousand words.

Source: Microsoft   Via: GroovyPost

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