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An Easy Way You Can Delete Google Voice Search History

If you pick Android device, you well know the part of the game ”OK Google” is a fine service from Google the feature will order to search the website or anything through voice commands. What important thing you have not know about this service that every time you participating through this Google take his action against you through recording the voice commands and hold those voice files on their server, it’s all about user experience and ads about their every interest.

The service was unsatisfied and you are concern about those privacy attack, then you may go with deletion. Even you can listen to those voice audio file and also text message as well.

This feature come from Google to help more language improvement and get clean search results.

How to Delete the Google Voice Search History:

Google offering a web service, where you can find that activity all of the Google services that can be seen in this settings. Visit Google Voice and Audio page from there you have to make sign-in with your existing Google account to find and view those saved voice history. The feature will find the time when you did with your voice search along with ”Play” button continued with recorded voice.

If you choose the specific items to delete, move and click the left corner of the item and select. Now, you are able to select complete list of voice history that you want to delete and find the ”Trash tin” available on the top right side to delete them.


If you don’t want to allow Google to save those recorded voice history, then you have a fine option that comes to you complete delete function and searches those delete items. To do this find the three dots verticals menu available on the top right next magnifying glass, and there you can find ”Delete activity by” list inside the menu.

An Easy Way You Can Delete Google Voice Search History

The new page will find you Delete by topic or product–> Delete by date–> All Time. Finally, click the Delete button available lower side and make confirm to prompt to get complete deletion that item not to save in Google server.

Important Note:

If you find these option, the complete delete action will work non-stop, and you may not find those accuracy of searching result on the web. And the Google will not go with you to get exact data and improvement of voice searches.

How To Disconnect Google Voice Search:

An Easy Way You Can Delete Google Voice Search History

Here you can learn simple step about to stop recording those voice search, you may go with Google that secures you not to record voice search with ”OK Google” to run the service, and these time the accuracy of the search result will not pass more time. To Stop the activity from Google, find the three dots vertical menu–> Activity Controls and scroll down the page find ”Voice & Audio Activity” and set to switch On/Off.

After doing this, Google will warn you that your voice search result will be affect. And it doesn’t delete the previous one which saved on your Google account. Even your Voice record disable you can find some other way adding the Google apps on your phone, you may run continuously.

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