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How To Add Different Languages In Your Android Nougat

A new operating system from Google introduced Android Nougat for the mobile version if you see the previous version of Android has been installed a long list of multiple languages, and you can set easily those languages in your keyboard. If you are using Android Marshmallow you are able to set only one language at the time. If you want to access a variety of language, you have to bring edit on your system preferences through from your Android settings. If you are still Android 6.0 then you may go with Android 7.0 this operating system makes you everything simple. Once your mobile gets updated you are able to access multiple languages. Here is the simple step to enable on your multiple languages on your Android Nougat.

Add More Language:

* Settings

* Language & Input

* Languages

* Add a Language

On the language list, tap and hold your language to set a secondary input language where you can find on your messaging app and you start using multiple languages. Even you can set on the top that to be a default. To change the order verily, all you have to do drag & drop on the language to move on the top as primary input language.

Remove language:

Whether you want to remove the language from your Android device, below step will find you the best solution;

* In the Language preferences, find the menu button on the top right corner and Remove.

* Choose the language to remove

* Trash icon available on the top right corner.

* Once you select the language, OK to remove.

Once you set the languages, the new version Android Nougat will update every customization automatically from your phone or tablet, when you use your chat app as a default without reboot your system devices. In case, you will not get a primary input language, then the feature will suggest you select the secondary input language.

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