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Image Credit:  Allsync

Image Credit: Allsync

The popular software deletes duplicate file finder AllDup gets a new version 4.0 now released with more powerful features. This tool works for Microsoft’s Windows system operating at all.

With a new AllDup program that detect identical pictures in the image file formats and new interface that becomes completely redesigned. The tool gear up with two sets of new icons, which brings search or search results that switch between many options. And the second you can find one or more multiple folder through search, which brings new methods, features, filters, enable/disable the file previews.

While if you are an end user then AllDup comes very much supportive for advance duplicate file finders, or basic level users not to test any files through through on this. Another important of search method for file content that ignored ID3 tags of MP3 files, but the new file name makes only comparison with characters from the beginning of files or certain amount of partial files that connects. When you search the list runs the log window will keeps your very files up-to-date in the progress session.

This new update feature brings a huge integration inside the search window. Some of them visible and some hides the details.

When you download and install on your Windows, AllDup brings a set amount of impressive works and options. The new version 4.0 enhanced the program with missing any supportive feature, or allowing annoying thing that comes much harder to use if you aren’t well versed in this application.

That’s it.

Source: AllDup   Via: Ghacks

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