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Chrome Canary Released for Android, the Program Endorse for Developers and End Users

If you are exact with Google development from your Windows or Mac Operating system, your choice is to install the Chrome Canary, which brings to you a daily update and bug fixes – but the feature is unstable, and the code still under construction. These elements you can try on your Android phone device.

The Chrome Canary is now available on Google Play Store, which brings more of the part unstable and not tested the feature spill out of your browser development.

Before you try this Canary you should take precaution on it. At the start, the builds send her ship weekend only, the currently builds into Canary that keeps everything up-to-date and you will loose a huge data, the consume of data 100 MB every one week. This will set your phone update for native applications through mobile data.

You can download the Chrome Canary, all your own risk from Google Play Store.

Source: Chrome Canary    Via: Chromium Blog

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