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Enable or Disable to Use Restrictions on iPhone and iPad
When you are using a mobile phone or laptop privacy and security is the more concern nowadays. You will keep a lot of personal data on your system device, and you want to secure from others, especially from the kids, the only way your device must be restricted. If you are using iPhone or iPad there were an option Restrictions, also very known as a Parental Controls, this option will manage your apps, content that your kids can’t access even from your iPhone or iPad devices as well. However, the feature Restrictions

When you get into the settings, the Restrictions give many programs. From there you can restrict particular apps, content, and app ratings, and more.

Here are the steps to use Restrictions for iPhone and iPad:

* Load Settings app

* General

* Restrictions

* Enable Restriction

* Set a Passcode, next time you can enable or disable the restrictions. During the activation, it’s completely against your lock screen password.

That’s it.

Via: iMore

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