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Google Maps for iOS Finds You Food Delivery Services

Image Credit: 9to5mac

Google brings his updated to the Maps app with version 4.24, now it makes more possibility that the app allows you make ordering food in their favorite restaurants, and also you can pin the photos straightaway inside the app and code brings location across the world.

The new update makes quick ordering the food straightaway from the iOS app. Google noted that this update depends on country and cities, but the feature availability in more of major cities that you can see in the new design.

If you are going to search the restaurant, the new option you find ”Place an order” listed in the location. Tapping on a particular option, it will work directly on the website to deliver the food service and place you an order.

Finally, Google Maps added photos of any locations that food delivery service available and also plus codes for a new location through pin.

Source: Google Maps    Via:9to5mac

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